BORA Service

Introducing the blockchain ecosystem of BORA

  • island

    Blockchain now in your daily life,
    BORA Island

    Experience safe and transparent digital contents
    with blockchain-based on BORA Island,
    a complex cultural space.
    Also, use and manage BORA and SHELL asset
    with the secured and easy-to-use dedicated wallet on BORA Island.
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  • atoll

    Easiest blockchain tool-kit made for you,
    BORA Atoll

    BORA ATOLL provides information regarding operation,
    management tool, service data and analysis tool for partners.
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  • lagoon

    My design, my blockchain universe,
    BORA Lagoon

    Public BORA testnet version for developers
    Implement the blockchain technology to your developing
    digital contents
    Apply the provided toolkits to test it with demo app guidance.
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  • explorer

    Quick and simple blockchain navigation service,
    BORA Explorer

    BORA Explorer provides transparently disclosed
    blockchain block information, transaction history to anyone.
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