About BORA

Introducing the blockchain ecosystem of BORA


Blockchain Digital Content Platform BORA

BORA supports blockchain-related technologies such as token connection and smart contracts
for developers to develop blockchain technology applied content (BApps) easily.
Such produced contents are provided to the users through the BORA ECOSYSTEM platform.
Currently, BORA works with developers in various services and industries,
starting with the IT entertainment field, including games, music, video, and other industries,
such as ICT industry that utilizes Big Data of education, healthcare and
location information and FinTech grafted area for real estate rental and investment.


Layer-2 Chain Structures and Token Mechanisms
Business friendly platform to easily implement contents

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    High performance

    2,200 TPS per sidechain * BORA performance increases as a linear/incremental structure with sidechain additions.
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    Scalability, Independence

    Implement modular sidechains easily to an App Modular structure minimizes interference between content services
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    Provide dedicated BORA development tools and test environment Minimize blockchain development entry barriers
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    Flexibility, Business-friendly

    Flexible platform structure to connect with various mainnet Provide one-stop tools for business, operation and management
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    Minimized Fee

    Lower transaction fee than mainnet services Reduced costs for both user and content provider

BORA Documents

Find out the BORA Ecosystem and its promotion plan,
and also the future solution we propose.
Predict the opportunities and value with BORA Ecosystem.


  • 2020 Q3

    Exchange listing (UPbit KRW Market)

    Exchange listing (Bithumb)

  • 2020 Q2

    Launched 'with BORA' games

    • Seven Guardians

    Launched PC game global service

    • Astellia

    Exchange listing (Coinone)

    Participated in LX's research project

    Launched BORA Wallet app

  • 2020 Q1

    Launched 'with BORA' games

    • Dragon Raja 2, Giants: Awakened Heroes

    BORA 2.0 Update

    • BORA Island 2.0
    • BORA Forum

    Exchange listing (BigONE)

  • 2019 Q4

    Participated in G-Star 2019 (B2B)

    • Released the platform business strategy
    • Released lineup for blockchain games
  • 2019 Q3

    BORA - Soft Launching

    • BORA Island (Soft Launching)
    • BORA Atoll (Soft Launching)
    • BORA Lagoon (Soft Launching)
    • BORA Block Explorer (Soft Launching)

    BORA - 1.0

    • BORA Islnd 1.0
    • BORA Atoll 1.0
    • BORA Lagoon 1.0
    • BORA Block Explorer 1.0

    Exchange listing (UPbit)

  • 2019 Q2

    Exchange listing (Bittrex)

    BORA obtains patent - KP19042

  • 2019 Q1

    BORA - Beta2

    • BORA Lagoon (Beta)
    • BORA Explorer (Beta)
    • BORA Atoll (Beta)
    • Release prototype game app (Push shusi)

    Announces BORA Standard Benchmark Test tool with METADIUM

    Signs partnership with KLAYTN

    Exchange listing (Coinsuper)

    Exchange listing (Digifinex)

  • 2018 Q4

    BORA Lagoon (Beta)

    BORA Explorer (Beta)

  • 2018 Q3

    BORA - Alpha

    • BORA Lagoon (Alpha)
    • BORA Explorer (Alpha)
    • BORA Token generation
  • 2018 Q2

    BORA - Prototype

    • Platform architecture design
    • BORA Chain R&D
    • Token economy R&D
    • BORA Lagoon(Dev.), Internal test
    • Whitepaper 1.0

    BORA obtains patent - KP18025, 18026